Lt. Stephen Lyon

FATHER: Col. James Lyon   (Mar 1736 - 29 Dec 1817)
MOTHER: Christina Harmon   (abt 1734 - 23 Feb 1784)

SPOUSE: Ella Perkins   (28 Mar 1763 - 23 Mar 1831)


AKA Lyon,William Stephen
-Death date & place per research from Sherry (Lippard) Jurgens
-Service in REVOLUTIONARY WAR; appointed 1st Lieutenant, Henry co,VA
 Militia, in Court held in Mar 1779, Henry co,VA
-On 30 Apr 1796 Stephen Lyon & hw Elly, of Patrick co,VA, sell tract of
 land to Matthew Moore, of Stokes co,NC; Patrick co,VA Deed Bk 1:391

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