Joseph Hurford

FATHER: John Hurford   (14 2M 1712 - 23 Apr 1774)
MOTHER: Hannah Fairlamb   (abt 9M 1711 - abt 1795)

SPOUSE: Naomi Greenland   (abt 1735 - abt 1810)


-Genealogical records from New Garden MM,PA
-New Garden MM, Chester co,PA on 3 Sep 1763 Joseph granted certificate to
 Deer Creek MM [MD] to marry Naomi Greenland, dau of Flower, dec'd
-Deer Creek MM, Harford co,MD on 1 Sep 1763 Joseph Hurford, son of John &
 Hannah, of New Garden MM in PA, announces marriage intentions with Naomi
 Greenland, dau of Flower, dec'd; on 20 Oct 1763 Joseph Hurford, son of
 John & Hannah, of New Garden MM,PA, marries Naomy Greenland, dau of Flour
 Greenland, dec'd, of Deer Creek, Baltimore co,MD
-Crooked Run MM, Warren co,VA on 1 Jul 1786 Joseph & hw Naomi & 8 children
 received on certificate from New Garden MM,PA dated 7 Jun 1786; on same
 date Hannah [their adult dau] also received
-Crooked Run MM on 5 Nov 1794 Naomi Hurford of Frederick co,VA, widow of Joseph, 
 late of Frederick co,VA, marries at Center, David Brown Sr of Frederick co,VA;
 reported married in Dec 1794
-Crooked Run MM on 31 Aug 1805 Naomi Brown granted certificate to
 Short Creek MM,OH
-Short Creek MM, Jefferson co,OH on 21 Dec 1805 Naomi Brown received on
 certificate from Crooked Run MM [VA] dated 31 Aug 1805

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