Samuel Hurford

FATHER: Joseph Hurford   (12 2M 1737 - bef 1794)
MOTHER: Naomi Greenland   (abt 1735 - abt 1810)

SPOUSE: Margaret Miller   (abt 1780 - abt 1861)


-Parentage is partially speculative
-Census of 1820, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; p.174, shown as Samuel Harford
-Census of 1830, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; p.231, shown as Samuel Herfort
-Census of 1840, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; p.262, shown as Samuel Herford
-Census of 1850, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; #1257 (Age,70) 
 Margaret Hurford, a widow, resident in home of her son Thomas Hurford;
 son William Hurford is household #1258; 
 dau Sarah (Hurford) Porter is household #1281
-Crooked Run MM, Warren co,VA on 1 Jul 1786 Samuel mentioned as received on
 his parents' certificate from New Garden MM,PA
-Crooked Run MM laid down in 1805; membership reverted to Hopewell MM,VA
-Hopewell MM, Frederick co,VA on 5 Mar 1812 Samuel reported marr.out;
 disowned, residing within the limits of Redstone MM [PA]

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