Henry Waggoner I

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  1. Henry Waggoner Sr.,   b.abt 1758,   Augusta co,VA

  2. Jacob Waggoner Sr.,   b.abt 1763,   Russell co,VA

  3. [Michael] Waggoner,   b.abt 1765,   Russell co,VA


-Identification of individual & descendancy is partially speculative
 & incomplete
-Service in REVOLUTIONARY WAR; said by one researcher to have served in
 Capt. Doak's Fincastle Militia, Augusta co,VA in 1774
-From Chalkley's Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlements in Virginia,
 Vol. 2, the following court case to obtain a clear title on a tract
 of land formerly owned by Henry Waggoner I, is cited from Augusta co,VA
 court records:
 Stealey vs. Waggoner--O. S. 192; N. S. 68--In 1772 John Gillihan
 made a settlement in now County of Wythe and sold to Henry Waggoner,
 who on 6th February, 1775, obtained a survey under the Loyal Company
 for 476 acres and then sold to Jacob Hetrick, who sold to orator, Martin
 Stealey, before 12th September, 1782, and on that date Martin obtained a
 certificate from the Commissioners. In 1798, by some mistake, the grant
 issued to Henry Waggoner, who is now dead, leaving heirs and
 representatives, viz: Henry, Michael, Jacob, John, Lewis, Lindsay,
 Catherine, Barbara, Margaret, Susannah Waggoner, Henry, Lavinia, William,
 Jerry, James, Sally, Catherine and Betsey Newland. Spa. 8th September,
 1809. All defendants (except James and Betsey Newland?) are non-residents.
 see http://www.rootsweb.com/~chalkley/volume_2/contents.htm

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