Capt. Armstrong Porter Sr

FATHER: Andrew Porter Sr   (abt 1700 - ? )
MOTHER: ---- ----

SPOUSE: Elizabeth ----   (abt 1745 - ? )


-Armstrong Porter is shown on Tax List of 1766, North Susquehanna Hundred,
 Cecil co,MD
-Armstrong Porter of Cecil co,MD received a Land Grant for 300 acres
 from John Penn, Esq, Proprietor of the Province of Pennsylvania, dated
 1 Sep 1773, consideration £15; shown on early plat map of Fayette
 County,PA as of warrant dated 8 Oct 1773, surveyed 27 Jul 1784, the
 271.5 acre Estate of Obededam, patented to Obed Garwood, 22 Feb 1787;
 this estate was located in Luzerne twp, Westmoreland (now Fayette) County,
 beginning about 200 rods due South of the Monongehela River; sold to
 Obed Garwood by deed dated 16 Sep 1785, consideration £700
-Armstrong Porter of Fayette co,PA received an additional Land Grant for
 250 acres from John Dickinson, President of the Supreme Executive Council
 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, dated 1 Sep 1784, consideration £25,
 with interest from 1 Mar 1772; shown on early plat map of Fayette County
 as of warrant dated 1 Sep 1784, surveyed 14 Sep 1784, the 253.25 acre
 Estate of Poland, patented to him 20 May 1789; this estate was located
 immediately South of Obededam
-He bought a tract of land on Dunlaps Creek from John Dearth, 22 Aug 1783;
 from Gregory Hawkins, 58.5 acres, 22 Mar 1784; from Samuel & William
 Douglas, 200 acres, 22 Aug 1785, the Estate of Stability, patented to
 Armstrong Porter 21 May 1789; and from Joseph Dorsey, 149 acres, dated
 28 Apr 1791; also appears from the early plat map that a land grant to
 Henry Swindler, dated 1 Sep 1784, the 169.75 acre Estate of Canton,
 surveyed 13 Sep 1784, was patented to Armstrong Porter on 20 May 1789
-The framed patents hang in the farmhouse on the original land which
 remains in the direct male line to this day
-At the time of the Revolution, Armstrong Porter Sr was the largest
 land owner in Luzerne twp, Fayette County,PA
-Mentioned in Fayette County History as a Captain, commanding a Company
 of Fayette County Militia during the Revolution; primary duties of the
 Militia was to defend the Western Frontier from attacks by the Indian
 tribes allied with British forces
-Fayette County History particularly noted the unusual character
 for the time of the longevity of all of the members of this family
-Will dated 1 May 1797; proved 1 May 1800, Fayette co,PA, Bk 1:56,72
-Census of 1790, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; (M:2,5/F:4)
 First Census of the United States
-Census of 1800, Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA; (M:10121/F:00201)
 believed circumstantially to still have been alive based upon the
 recorded statistics; however the head of household recorded appears to
 have been his wife Elizabeth Porter.  This is very unclear as this was
 the last entry on the page and was partially obscured by library tape
 on the original and did not photograph well; in contraposition to this,
 the two witnesses to the Will of Armstrong Porter Sr proved same on
 16 Aug 1799 & 1 May 1800 respectively, implying he died in 1799
-Descendancy per Fayette County,PA histories as well as private family
 genealogy in manuscript form compiled by Charles J Stewart (in 1934),
 Eleanor A Dunaway (in 1934), Kenneth Porter (in 1962) & Donald V Porter
 (in 1997); original records from Porter Family Bible dated 1849; readings
 from Hopewell Presbyterian Church cemetery in Luzerne twp, Fayette co,PA

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