John Hurford

FATHER: Samuel Hurford   (28 12M 1732/3 - ? )
MOTHER: Rachel Dixon   (abt 1735 - ? )

SPOUSE: Sarah Hayes


-Genealogical records from Short Creek MM,OH; called John Hueford in
 one record
-Parentage is partially speculative
-Death recorded at Short Creek MM,OH; aet 95 yrs [sic]
-New Garden MM, Chester co,PA on 5 Feb 1785 John disowned for marr.out
-In 1787, John Hurford of Culpeper co,VA was taxed for owning 3 horses
 and a cow
-On 13 Dec 1794 John Hurford bought a 48 acre farm from William Douglas;
 located near Chester's Road in Bromfield Parish, Culpeper co,VA
-On 25 Mar 1799 John and Sarah Hurford of Fratte [sic,must be Fayette]
 County,PA, sold this farm to James Frasure
-Short Creek MM set off from Concord MM,OH in 1804
-Short Creek MM, Jefferson co,OH on 15 Dec 1804 Sarah, John, Samuel, &
 Mary, children of John, received on request
-New Garden MM,PA on 6 Nov 1806 John restored in membership
-Short Creek MM on 17 Jan 1807 John received on certificate from
 New Garden MM dated 4 Aug 1806

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