White River Cousins: BAKER Family of Lawrence & Martin Counties, Indiana

The Baker Line begins with Old Nicholas Baker. According to family tradition, his parents emigrated from Germany to Lancaster County,PA in 1743 where Nicholas was born a year later. He served in the Revolution and his service is well documented. In his first term of service, he was a member of the Lancaster County Militia at the beginning of the Revolution. He was involved in the picketing of Long Island under General Washington and was captured by the Hessians and made a prisoner of war. Towards the end of the war, he had removed to Culpeper County,VA and served there in the 4th Virginia Continental Regiment along with his future father-in-law Edward Lampkin.

We invite examination of his record:

    Nicholas Baker (1744-1832) of Lawrence County

Following the Revolution, in 1791 Nicholas Baker married Lucy Lampkin and they began raising a family in Culpeper co,VA. In 1807 Nicholas sold his property in Stevensburg in Culpeper County and in 1808 came West into Woodford County,KY. He rented farmland there in an area in the South part of the County known as Clover Bottom. The evidence seems to indicate that his KY landlord was instrumental in helping Nicholas to originally acquire his pension as a veteran of the Revolution.

In the 1818-1822 timeframe, some of his sons and daughters had come North and were residing in Orange County in Indiana. In 1823, the entire family came to Lawrence County. Nicholas Baker bought 240 acres from Abraham Waggoner in Indian Creek twp, just North of the present village of Silverville. Nicholas is a permanent resident of Lawrence County. According to family tradition, when he died in 1832, he was buried in a private plot marked only with fieldstones, on his own farm. Searches in recent years have failed to disclose the exact location of his grave. A few years ago a marker was put up honoring Nicholas Baker as a veteran of the Revolution. The marker was placed in the Waggoner Cemetery which is Northeast of Silverville and is thought to lie in the Southeast corner of the 240 acres that he owned.

For many years his descendants have resided in Indian Creek twp in Lawrence County and, of course, in Baker twp, in Martin County, which is believed to have been named for them. Descendants of this family in Martin County can also be found in the early records of Mitcheltree, Halbert, and McCameron twps.

We invite examination of these records:

    John Baker (1792-1828) of Woodford co,KY his widow came to Martin County before 1840
    Peter Baker (1793-1823) of Woodford co,KY his son came to Lawrence County about 1859
    William Baker (1794-1868) of Martin County he came to Orange County about 1820
    Daniel Baker (1796-1853) of Lawrence County he came to Orange County about 1818
    Armsted Baker (1798-1858) of Martin County he came to Lawrence County with his father in 1823
    Philip L Baker (1805-1865) of Martin County he came to Lawrence County with his father in 1823
    Robert Baker (1807-1870) of Martin County he came to Lawrence County with his father in 1823

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