Nicholas Baker

SPOUSE: Lucia Lampkin   (abt 1767 - 28 Dec 1847)


ADDRESS Indian Creek twp, Lawrence co, IN 
Revolutionary War Service: 

1- July 1775 to 28 Oct 1776, Capt. James Ross' Company of Rifles, 
   3rd Battalion, Lancaster County Militia (subseq 1st Battalion, 
   Pennsylvania Line), commander Lt.Col. William Thompson, then 
   Col. Edward Hand.  Picketing of Long Island, taken prisoner by 
   the Hessians, Battle of Long Island; freed at the Siege of Trenton; 
   discharged following the Battle of White Plains. 

2- Mar 1781 to Mar 1783, Capt. Crain's Company, 4th Regiment, Virginia 
   Line from Culpeper co, VA, commander Col. Gaston, then Col. Phebecker, 
   then Col. Posey.  Fought in the Battle of Yorktown; left sick at 
   Estly Hills, near Charleston, SC following the cessation of hostilities. 

 A letter published in the Pennsylvania Archives, written by Col. Edward
 Hand to his wife, describes the incident in which Nicholas was captured
 by the Hessians.  Following the Revolution, Nicholas Baker entered a
 claim with the Pennsylvania government for compensation for his rifle
 that was lost when he was taken prisoner.  The claim was honored.

-Appears on the muster rolls of Culpeper co,VA in Jan 1781 in Class 
 No. 27, ref WAR 4, manuscript in Virginia State Archives 

-Grant of Pension $96 per annum; record W27812 from Woodford co, KY 
 Application dated 16 Jun 1818 made in Fayette co, KY 
 Pension transferred to Indiana, 18 Feb 1823 

-Affidavit of Revolutionary War Service, 30 Sep 1832, Lawrence County 
 Courthouse, Bedford, IN 

-Marriage established from material in pension application; pension 
 records state that a copy of the marriage bond was on file per affidavit 
 from the County Clerk of Culpeper co,VA; this bond no longer exists nor is 
 there any other record of marriage now extant in Culpeper Court House 

   He & hw Lucy sold 2 lots, 15 Oct 1807, Stevensburg, Culpeper co, VA 
     to Archibald Lewis, Lots 51 & 58, consideration £20, BkCC,pp72 
   Bought 4 lots, 15 Apr 1809, Stevensburg, Culpeper co, VA 
     from town trustees, Lots 46,57,58,61, consideration £50, BkDD,pp251 
   Bought 160 acre farm, 19 Feb 1823, Indian Creek twp, Lawrence co, IN 
     from Abraham Waggoner 
   Bought an additional 80 acre farm 
     from Abraham Waggoner 

-From evidence in the pension file it appears that Nicholas rented farmland 
 while resident in the Southern part of Woodford co,KY; subsequent 
 investigation has disclosed this property to have been in the area known 
 as Clover Bottom 

-Census of 1820, Woodford co, KY; p.19 (M:011201/F:01301)
-Census of 1830, Lawrence co, IN p.117 (M:02101000001/F:000102101) 

-Will dated 30 Jul 1831; proved 12 Nov 1832; Lawrence co, IN;
 his grandson, Lewis Jackson Baker purchased the family farm by
 quitclaim deed from the other heirs-at-law as a part of the
 settlement of his estate.  Descendancy proved by this quitclaim deed. 

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