Nicholas Baker Jr

FATHER: John Baker   (abt 1792 - bef 1828)
MOTHER: Delilah Redman   (abt 1794 - bef 1850)

SPOUSE: Elvina Spencer   (abt 1821 - ? )


-Married by John Cochran, J.P.
-Census of 1840, Lawrence co,IN; p.19 (M:1001/F:00001)
-Likely died shortly before 1844 when widow remarries, unless widow has
 been misidentified
-Parentage is partially speculative; he is known to have been a grandson &
 one of the heirs-at-law who signed the Quitclaim Deed settling the Estate
 of Nicholas Baker; exact parentage has not been proved; the pattern raised
 by the distribution of funds in settling his grandfather's estate suggest that
 Nicholas Jr is a son of John Baker
-Having children named John and Delila, strongly suggests that Nicholas Jr is
 the son of John and Delila

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