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Public Websites on Sprynet   
 The Stanfield Family [genealogy resource center]15 Jun 1998 8,800
 The Quaker Collection [genealogy resource center]14 Jun 199730,400
 Quaker Meetings by State [genealogy research resource]14 Jun 199710,000
 JFR's Genealogy Topics [personal homepage]20 May 1997 10,800
Public Websites on Tripod   
 Hockessin Meeting House, Delaware[Quaker architectural site]29 Nov 1998 N/C
 White River Cousins [personal Indiana genealogy]25 Jul 1999 N/C
Unpublished Websites in Development   
 The Richmond Family [genealogy one-name study]30 Sep 1999 
 Quaker GenWeb Headquarters[Natl Quaker genealogy center]05 Dec 1999 
Technical Demonstrations   
 js_dir_demo.htm[JavaScript demo]  
 Dummy Link[coming soon]  
 Dummy Link[coming soon]  

Technology Highlights
[1] The Stanfield site exemplifies the use of a Style Template to achieve a uniform look and feel without the need for CSS.
[2] One of the pages of the Stanfield site uses a FORM which interfaces to a 3rd party hosted CGI script that formats the query response as an e-mail to the webmaster. The direct URL is
[3] The Stanfield site seamlessly integrates storage of some of the lower interest pages of the site in secondary storage at the Tripod facility. In addition the Query Archives and Researcher Registration Lists have recently been moved to the Rootsweb server, which is seamlessly integrated into the site's architecture as well.
[4] One of the pages of the Quaker Collection features utilization of the 3rd party hosted Pico ™ Search Engine for searching the contents of the website. The direct URL is
[5] The front page of the Richmond site utilizes the Lucida Blackletter font to achieve the look and feel of an antique document.
[6] The Richmond site page at URL
illustrates what can be done with artwork. This is a scanned image of a 200 year old copperplate engraving of the Eastby Monastery in England.
[7] The White River Cousins site utilizes a Cork background to achieve a uniform look and feel on level 1 and 2 pages.
[8] This demo menu page has for its background a customly generated texture that I created which I have named "Diamond Head".

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