Andrew Cole

FATHER: Samuel Cole   (abt 1765 - 9 Aug 1843)
MOTHER: Rachel Welsh   (abt 1785 - 7 Sep 1856)

SPOUSE: Elizabeth Hennon   (3 Sep 1809 - 12 Aug 1904)


-Census of 1840, Muskingum twp, Muskingum co,OH; p.36 (M:10101/F:10001)
-Census of 1850, Jefferson twp, Muskingum co,OH; #1109
-Death of Andrew Cole noted in the Samuel J Tipton family bible:
 died 27 Dec 18xx, aet 61y,2m,14d
-Accepted DOB and DOD are based on a presumption that he was born in 1815
 and thus died in 1877, but exact year is questionable
-Death of Elizabeth (Hennon) Cole recorded in Samuel J Tipton family bible:
 died 12 Aug 1904, aet 94y,11m,9d
-Descendancy reconstructed in part from correspondence in 1898 between
 Elizabeth (Hennon) Cole and her niece Nancy (Hennon) Baker
-Amongst numerous family items, she mentions that her grandson Archibald Templeton
 was serving in the Army in the Spanish-American War

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